No Time For Dealership Waits - No Time For Paperwork

During this digital age filling out paperwork is becoming more and more time consuming and unnecessary. But not everything has to be more time-consuming. In fact, financing a vehicle has become easier than ever, no more paperwork and no more waiting at the dealership. Our team at Ciocca Ford of Souderton can pre-approve you for financing without you even having to get out of bed.

If you are looking for a vehicle, it has never been easier. Our online Finance Application is capable of allowing you to browse our current line-up of used vehicles. It can even process credit verification…
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Difference between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket parts

Few things are more frustrating than making the right choice when it comes to buying the right replacement parts for your car. No one would deny that the original equipment manufacturer will always have the best parts for your car, but unfortunately, these spares would wear out, and you shall need new ones. Here are some of the things that our dealership does for you.
• Helping you make the right choice of parts for your automobile.
• Placing special orders so that you get your preferred spares right on time.
• Ensuring that ones the spares are purchased a close evaluation is…
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The Benefits of Changing the Oil

How often do you take your car for maintenance? This should be a question every driver should ask themselves.

Most specifically, you should ask yourself, how often do you change the car oil? Do you even know the benefits of changing the motor oil and the filters? The following are some of the advantages that can help your vehicle serve you better from one season to the next.

The oil is critical to increasing the longevity of the car engine. It contributes to reducing the wear and tear of the engine by reducing the friction between the moving parts. It…
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Why Not Buy An SUV?

If you have 2 kids in car seats or a family larger than 5, an SUV is a great fit. The space offered by an SUV gives the family plenty room while also offering plenty of storage for baggage.

The SUV is also a great option for the weekend adventurers, just toss the tent and other equipment in the SUV and go. Hobbies that require trailers are also a perfect fit for an SUV since it possesses the power to pull a load, carry your equipment and transport the family.

Older drivers will love SUVs, too. The SUV is at…
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Categories: Relishes in Rambunctious 2017 Ford Focus RS

Are you seeking a hot hatchback for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Ciocca Ford of Souderton feel like you owe it to yourself to give ours, the 2017 Focus RS, a go.

Will it be love at first drive for you two?

Check the clip below to make that determination; Road Test Editor Dan Ilika is here to show you the ropes:

The Focus RS's headlining attraction is, without question, its turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine.

Mating to a six-speed manual transmission, this turbo-four generates a goliath 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet…

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2017 Model Proves Ford Mustang is Still a Force to be Reckoned with

If you're perusing the sports car class for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Ciocca Ford of Souderton believe you may well flip your lid over ours, the 2017 Mustang.

How come?

carwow critic Mat Watson is here to explain; check out his assessment of the Mustang in the clip below:

A perfect selection for the performance enthusiast, the Mustang's range-topping engine -- a 5.0-liter V8 -- is a brutal beast, indeed.

Offered exclusively with the GT model, the V8 emits an elephantine 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. It receives rear-wheel drive as standard.

And though…

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The Towel That Will Help You Achieve Streak-Free Windshields

Every time you wash your car, you try your hardest to get the windshield perfectly clean. And every time, you think you might have finally done it, until you're driving around sunset, and the light hits it at that perfect angle that exposes every streaky imperfection.

The problem could be the cloth you're using to clean and dry the glass.

How can Souderton drivers keep their Ford's windshield showroom-fresh? Larry Kosilla of Autoblog Details recommends using a microfiber towel. Not just any microfiber towel, either—a waffle-weave towel with a density of 200 GSM, and a 70-percent…

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How to Avoid Being Blinded by Sun Glare

When it's warm out, you might be tempted to get up early and drive somewhere to watch the sun rise—or maybe that's just when you have to go to work. Whatever your reason for being on the road, the hours just after dawn, and right before sunset, pose a visibility hazard due to sun glare.

One of the first things you should do…

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A Roomy Interior and Thorough Capability Help the 2017 Expedition Cruise to Highest Available Overall Quality Ratings from J.D. Power

The 2017 Expedition showed its true colors recently with a win from the critics. The full-size SUV earned a 5 rating in overall quality from J.D. Power -- the highest rating available.

To reach an overall quality rating, J.D. Power assesses a range of categories from powertrain to features and accessories. After cross examining these categories, an overall quality rating emerges.

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Like Fast, Fun Cars? Consider the Ford Focus ST


With a car company like Ford, you know you're always going to find something that appeals to you. That's because they make a car for every personality and style. Like bold pickup trucks? There's the longtime favorite F-150. Like high-performance sports cars? There's always the classic Mustang.

Or, for something a little different, check out the hot Focus ST hatchback.

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